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Embracing Imperfection

Characteristics of Virgo: analytical, perfectionists, worry As a kid, one of my favorite things to do while my mother cooked on weekends was to read the horoscopes for the week. Before I was old enough to know what was happening developmentally, I had begun developing my mindset of what and who I was to become. Socialization. For many youths, being taught to be competitive has become a form of survival; one must outperform the other. However, as adults, we often discover this behavior after we have stressed ourselves out trying to stay ahead of the next person. This holiday season I had the privilege to spend time with my father in Florida. It was a great time to reflect and center myself as we entered a new year. However, starting a new business increased my stress levels, so the break was needed. During this time away, I noticed my need to be perfect in almost everything in my life. Even more so, during the launch of a new business. On my drive home from Florida, I spent time listening to Destiny by TD Jakes. In his book, he reminded me that seeking perfection would be a never-ending search. Throughout my life, I have always sought out to be the best of the best; school, work, and social life. As I reflected on how this has appeared throughout my life, I realized it was time to let it go. In trying to be perfect, I tend to overthink, over analyze, and worry about things I cannot control. Even in launching my website, I worried about what others would think and whether my experiences would resonate with anyone. It took me three years to draw the confidence to make my life public. A part of the Sankofa Xperience is to dig within yourself to find encouragement and strength to go for what you desire. Experiencing my Sankofa Xperience, I realized that my desire to be perfect is not realistic, but my want to be happy is. Perfection has caused me to lose myself and stay in places where I was unhappy and unfulfilled. I have never been one to identify new year resolutions, so I will not make an effort now. However, I will say that I am choosing to make a life change. To continue this journey of happiness and fulfillment, I am letting go of needing to be perfect and am living the life that has been uniquely designed just for me. Share, how are you living your Sankofa Xperience?

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