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The "Sankofa" is a West African Adinkra symbol represented by two images - one that resembles a bird reaching behind it to grab an egg from its tail, and the other is of two birds forming a heart.  I chose the latter because of the meaning we have socially associated with hearts.  The symbol translates that "it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind". Meaning, there is nothing wrong with revisiting our past for knowledge to help us in our future.

The Sankofa Experience Healing Project is a healing process rooted in African rituals. It is an opportunity to take an intentional look at the life we are living and asking ourselves whether we are living fully in our purpose or if we are being held back by the things that have happened to us. Many of us have endured some trials and tribulations that have impacted our ability to live the life we deserve. Whether it is childhood trauma, betrayal, offense, or the stressors of life, we all deserve to live with purpose and on purpose. That is what the Sankofa Experience is about. It is about healing from everything life has thrown at us and using it as power to HEAL, GROW, THRIVE, and be EMPOWERED to live confidently boldly and free.

​(translation credit: Film Maker, Adelin Gasana)

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The Sankofa Experience Healing Project

Our Signature initiatives


The MY VOICE MATTERS Initiative focuses on developing equity-minded resources, training, and policies to support effective Title IX compliance in higher education. Using culturally-relevant frameworks, resources examine the intersections of identities role on reporting and compliance.


MY GLOBAL PRESENCE is a Black Identity Development Study Abroad experience. Students explore the layers of the Black presence and experience from a global perspective. The aim of the experience is to develop a strong sense of self defined identity. This initiative is designed as a 2-part journey beginning in Senegal and continuing to other parts of the world.

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The Sankofa Experience Scholarship is awarded to Black students attending historically Black institutions. It is a non-academic need-based award. Students can also use the scholarship to assist with costs associated with the MY GLOBAL IDENTITY study abroad experience. Awardees are required to complete a service project following receipt of the scholarship. Applications are available on a rolling basis and awards are applied to the current academic year.

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